Traveling is a team sport

Traveling is so much easier if you travel with friends and family. My 1st choice for a travel companion is my husband, 2nd my sisters (Ilse is included here), then Nigel & Brian, Jan & Len and last but not least…anyone open to an adventure and flexible! Arriving in Paris was like a rendezvous of South Africans at the baggage carousel. Conrad Vlok, Strandveld & First Sighting, Morne, Delaire Graff, Jenny Prinsloo from Franschhoek and Annelise from Paarl. From there we shared a taxi and it was sooo reasonable. On my own I would have had to take the train and transfer. With my friends I just share a taxi and don’t have pull a 25kg bag all over. Quick quick cheap cheap! This is what traveling buddies are for! Sante.

3 thoughts on “Traveling is a team sport

    1. I think you might be right. Golden rule… Don’t argue about the little things! Also, “time out” from the group when there is a niggle.


      1. If you travel with flexible friends who are in it for the adventure the niggles (if any) become part of the adventure…NO PROBLEM!!


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