3 Chats noirs

We had a slow start this morning when we left the beaten path and ended up quite far from our hotel. We need not have feared because Jenny and Conrad waited for us and we headed to Beaune in a VW Polo. We stopped at vineyards along the way and headed to Vougeot. We had another close look at the vineyards and then made our way to Chambolle-Musigny where there are 2 Grand Cru vineyards: Musigny and Bonnes Mares.

En-route to Clos Vougeot
En-route to Clos Vougeot

We arrived at the recommended Le Chambolle restaurant with a bottle of Sumaridge Pinot noir for the owner. When the Madam saw the wine she was quick to indicate “No, No, No”. We had the Le Menu Terroir with Escargots, le traditionnel boeuf bourguigon and local cheeses. With this we had a bottle of 2009 Domaine Bertheau at a price of E75. The meal was complete with a taste of 3 local cheeses. When it was time to get the bill we each received a recipe book and drop stoppers from our host. We figured that this was the host’s exchange for the Sumaridge Pinot noir.

The chef was at the front door to waive us goodbye as we went off in search of another Burgundy.

La Chambolle meets Sumaridge Pinot noir
La Chambolle meets Sumaridge Pinot noir
2009 Domaine Bertheau Chambole-Musigny
2009 Domaine Bertheau Chambole-Musigny

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