Love, Revenge & Champagne

In 987 the King of France started a tradition in Reims displaying the local wines during coronation banquets.  The pale-pink wine was made from Pinot noir. The development of this rosy bubbly was in retaliation to the quality Burgundian wines made in the south.

Our 1st stop was at Champagne House Nicolas Feuilatte. They usually only take people by appointment but we were already standing at the counter so it was difficult to wave us goodbye without a taste of their bubbles.
Our 2nd screeching halt was at Moët&Chandon where I nearly had a fit when I realised we might have been too late to visit and heard that they are not open on winter weekends.  This weekend is the last that they will be open on a Saturday until it is summer again. Like any good brand Moët knows how to merchandise and they have created such a wonderful visiting experience that I was happy to hand over my hard-earned cash.


1st stop in Champagne was at Nicolas Feuilatte
1st stop in Champagne was at Nicolas Feuilatte