Fine Bubbles

My favourite drink comes with interesting facts that I wish to dazzle you with…

  • Champagne has 319 crus or villages
  • Champagne is categorized in 3 tiers:  top – Grand Cru, 2nd level – Premier Cru and the lowest – Cru/Village
  • Only 17 of Champagne’s 319 villages enjoy Grand Cru statusThe older the champagne the finer the bubbles!
  • The older the champagne the finer the bubbles!

    Age improves champagne
    Age improves champagneThe category is determined by the village of origin.  Villages are rated according to a point system implemented to determine price of the grapes – the Échelle des Crus or ladder of growth
  • The vineyards of Champagne total 34000ha planted with Pinot noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay
  • Pinot noir adds aromas of red fruit, body and power
  • Pinot Meunier is supple and fruity with an intense bouquet. It matures faster and gives roundness to the wines.
    • Moët & Chandon has 1200ha under vines – the biggest vineyards of the Champagne houses.  Veuve-Clicquot has 400ha under vine – the 2nd biggest Champagne House.
    • Chardonnay is the grape of delicacy and finesse providing floral & fruity aromas when young. It assist with the ageing.
      • 25% of the vineyards in Champagne is planted with Chardonnay
      • 75% of the vineyards are planted with the red grapes – Pinot noir & Pinot Meunier
  • Moët & Chandon always use all 3 champagne grape varietals in their blend
  • The 2013 harvest was late, starting on 30 September for Moët & Chandon
  • There are approximately 49 million bubbles in a standard sized bottle of Champagne
  • The bubbles settling on top of the wine in the champagne flute is known as the Champagne Disc
  • Extra Brut has less than 6 grams of sugar to a bottle
  • Champagne is a blend of wines of different Crus, varietals and years to keep the quality and taste JUST the way I want it and remember it!
  • Maturation of champagne varies:
    • 12 – 40 years for Vintage
    • average 8 years for non-vintage
  • Non-Vintage champagne is blended from wines of several years to achieve a constant “style de maison” House style.
  • Dom Perignon only makes vintage champagne
  • The pressure in a bottle of champagne is almost 3x as much as in a car’s tyre
  • Your favourite bubbles need to taste the same year after year and needs to right blend of different cru, varietals and years

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