Au Revoir Paris

Inspirational Iron Lady of Paris
Inspirational Iron Lady of Paris

My last day in Paris started with some sunshine.  It was another public holiday – the 2nd on our 10-day trip to France.  On Sundays the shops are closed in Dijon and Paris is no different.  Fortunately the Sephora on the Champs Elysees is pumping and doing a roaring trade improving the looks and smells of visitors.  Of coarse I return to this beauty splendour for various improvements to make sure the homecoming does not disappoint my husband.  

Business first and I pound the Parisian pavements looking for the South African Tourism office in Paris to ensure that all French visitors will be enlightened about the wonders of the Cape Whale Coast.  Also, that I don’t have to carry these brochures home.  The friendly Francois help us with directions and in no time we are having a celebratory patisserie at Julien’s.  Unfortunately not the brasserie – which I am sorry we missed – but the patisserie.  Finally it is time to face the queue at the Eiffel Tower – the 324m high iron lady that only took 2 years and 2 months to complete in 1889.  Going up to the top cost 14.5 Euros and I added to this being the most visited tourism site.  Although freezing cold it was an awesome experience and the queuing did not distract. The Eiffel is like Table Mountain in Cape Town – it is there, a beacon, a reference and totally awesome.

Eiffel Excellence!  I went  to the top of the 324m Iron Lady
Eiffel Excellence! I went to the top of the 324m Iron Lady


A quick visit to christmasy decorated Printemps completed our last day in Paris.  I will be back!