Pinot noir comes up cherries! Love the idea of complimenting Estancia candles.


estancia dayna decker candleThey say that 80% of what you taste comes through what you’re smelling. I often smell a wine more than I taste it (at least at first) to get as much from the wine just through smell – I love picking out what fruit I’m smelling, how much and what kind of earth and mineral are coming through, and then seeing if the palate matches the nose.

So it makes total sense that you’d make candles based on wine aromas, which is exactly what Estancia has done. Went to a cool event last night where we had their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay next to their candles based on the scents of each wine. Plus, we got to make our own potpourri. Obviously, I was going to try to make a Pinot Noir scented one.

One of the most telling signs that a wine is Pinot when you’re smelling it is a…

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