where the bottles have no names

Unnamed but very much loved
Unnamed but very much loved

Most of the time we drink wine from labeled bottles and we can discuss the producer, wine, vintage, art work on the label…Once in a wine we turn to stocks where there is no identification of what can be expected.  Last night was the night of the unlabeled bottles. And how entertaining was this – guessing what we are about to drink. Fortunately I had a very good idea of what the options were as I don’t often acquire unbranded wines and I knew it had to be a Syrah, Pinot noir or Rhone style blend.  The guests were apprehensive because of the usual associations of naked wines.

Initial worries were soon put aside when the wine was swirled. nosed and sipped. “Hmmm… where can we get this?” was all it took to start a successful Saturday night.  A Rhone blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre aged in French barrique was the perfect match for our roasted, spicy chicken. Without a label this wine was given the biggest honour a wine can dream of – it was appreciated, bottled emptied to the last drop and discussed by all.

Oh, when I go there with you, that’s all I can do…where the bottles have no names!

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