All in a day’s play?

Up at 5 – in the morning – not to gym or quaff hair BUT to work.  Work till 9, drive to Cape Town at the speed of light, work, email, discussions…hospital visit, Apple MacBook lesson, buying a friend’s birthday present and home again.  Going to Cape Town is always great and the Waterfront is my favourite Cape Town destination.  The V&A is like the heartbeat of life.  I thrive on the energy and the cosmopolitan vibe of foreigners shopping for the latest fashion while construction workers are buying lunch in overalls and hard hats. I always pop in at the Nespresso shop hoping to see George Clooney but guaranteed of a good espresso re-charging energy levels.

Beating Cape Town traffic I am home again to shower and go off to taste some wines.  Tonight at Newton Johnson was great.  How could it not be?  We were drinking exceptional wines. The vineyards are in flower and looked lush, freshly cleaned with a special green glow. Meeting up with old and new friends.  Throughout the day tweets, Facebook messages, WhatsApp, texts and celphone conversations are flying.  Finally in bed by 11:00 feeling pooped.  Bring on the weekend!

V&A Waterfront = my favourite place
V&A Waterfront = my favourite place

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