May the festive spirit be with you!

It is the season for giving and I have no presents to give.  Not because I am broke or isolated in a place without any shops but because I have done all the giving I am emotionally capable of.  I have nothing left to give but my presence.  2013 will be  a Christmas that I will remember forever, a turning point in my life.  The new direction is yet unclear but turning I am certainly turning or rather spinning.

How can I embrace the festive spirit in the 3 days left before Christmas arrives?

  • enjoy the little things: swimming in the sea, walking the dogs, watching the sun set
  • not rush around but slow down and savouring the moment
  • listen to uplifting music
  • spend time & energy on the special friends

    Hope is all I have
    Hope is all I have

This short list is all I am capable of coping with.  One more item will deplete me. I shall measure the success of my efforts to add some celebration to this festive season & report back!

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