Dutchies lays on an Indische Rijstafel for Hermanus

Hermanus diners can now taste the exotic flavours of Indonesia and enjoy the luxury of tasting everything that is on the menu. The “rice table” concept was introduced by the Dutch to showcase the unusual and interesting cuisine of their colony as well as to enjoy an abundance and not having to decide on one particular dish only. Thus it was no coincidence that Dutchies restaurant introduced the wonders of Dutch inventions to Hermanus.  Sitting at this intimate restaurant in close proximity to waves crashing on Grotto Beach patrons are welcomed by Joke and Daan. There is always someone at hand to explain the exotic dishes that are being laid on.  The Dutchies’ Indische Rijstafel is not for the fainthearted, dieters or people with time schedules.  Enjoyment is found in exploration, sharing and lingering.

TripAdvisor photo of Rijstafel treasures
Rijstafel as per TripAdvisor photo

Having eaten at Garoeda in The Hague 2 years ago I was not new to the rijstafel concept. I knew what to expect yet was still overwhelmed with the quantity of dishes that arrived in quick succession.  There was not going to be any kilojoule counting!

A meal is not complete unless you have something complementary in the glass.  Dutchies offers various options and our table of Dutch guests were convinced by Rosé and Pinot noir as good accompaniments for the spicy food.  The Creation Whale Pod Sauvignon Blanc also helped to keep our pallets fresh and remind us that it will not be too long before the whales return to same shores where we can relax with Dutch and Indonesian cuisine.

Go Dutch at Dutchies
Dutch friends enjoying Indische Rijstafel in Hermanus, SA


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