Say Cheese – Say Klein Rivier Grana cheese please!

Living in Hermanus means that we have to make an effort to get some of the culinary treats that you can lay you hands on so easily in Cape Town. Fortunately we have no shortage of great wines and award winning cheese. Klein River Cheese Factory is just outside Stanford and home to 2014 DuPont Qualité Awards’ Product of the Year. The Klein Rivier winner is their Grana – a hard, strong cheese with a granular texture. This cheese beat 820 other diary products in this year’s 180th competition. It is like getting gold in the SA Dairy Olympics.
What to drink with my Grana sourdough ciabatta sandwich? It has to be a red but my favourite varietal Pinot noir is too similar in taste and there might be a sweet finish that could spoil the taste. I decided on a Bordeaux blend and looked no further than Hermanuspietersfontein’s flagship Arnoldus. The Arnoldus is a full bodied Bordeaux and matched the Grana sip for bite. A perfect balance of flavours making this simple meal a feast.

Stanford, Klein Rivier, Grana cheese
Klein Rivier’s latest winner – Grana!

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