An American in Burgundy: Benjamin Golden – Founder of Golden Wines, an Import Company with a Focus on Burgundy

Yes, Burgundy is all about terroir, winemakers are farmers and wine produced from vines that grow a few meters apart can be very different.

Emmanuel Dupuy d'Angeac

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When one arrives in Bordeaux to visit estates one is greeted with white glove service: men dressed in suits and ties serve elegant multi-course meals on fancy china. In this way it is the opposite of Burgundy. There, winemakers making even the most expensive Grand Cru are truly farmers and greet you with a firm handshake wearing overalls.

Although the Burgundy region is pretty large stretching all the way North to just 45 minutes outside of Paris and in the South to just 45 minutes outside of Lyon. From a winemaking perspective you can consider the following as the main wine-growing regions of Burgundy: Chablis, La Cote d’or, La Cote Chalonaise, the Maconais and Beaujolais.

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