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Only five years ago, in a luscious valley called Elgin, Michael Everson returned from his drama studies to join dad, Wally, in cider making. Michael has not had a chance to look back. The busy Everson family dedicates their efforts towards changing the non-cider drinking culture in South Africa through upping production yearly. This year’s production of 70 000 liters was not enough to satisfy the growing number of cider consumers and 2015’s production will increase to 90 000 liters. From starting out at the Neigbourgoods Market the Eversons now distribute their liquid gold to CT, PE, Durbs and Joburg/Pretoria.

Michael Everson cracking the whip on Gnarr
Michael Everson cracking the whip on Gnarr

Situated in South Africa’s apple kingdom the Eversons take the best of the Elgin crops to offer pegs of – apple and also pear, mulled, cloudy and Gnarr cider. Cloudy is the most popular and the Everson’s pear cider is reminiscent of traditional beer reminding many of jolly times with their families.
The awards are rolling in. Everson’s Pear Cider took the Best Craft Cider award this year and they also won a Fair Lady Consumer Award.

Gnarr is Michael’s scrumpy project. Know to be a very potent type of rough cider this scrumpy comes with a warning that you can drink it all day as long as you don’t plan on using your legs! Michael’s love for design and branding is obvious with Gnarr from the name to the bottle to the material supporting the product.  If you see a cellar rat epitomised on a green bottle, T-shirt or picnic box – say hello to Gnarr!

Gnarr - not your ordinary scrumpy
Gnarr – not your ordinary scrumpy