Nothing like a piece of cheese

Cheese & Wine blessings
Cheese & Wine blessings

Baraka is a soft and creamy cheese moulded in a horse shoe shape.  This speciality from Burgundy turns snacking into a celebration.

Baraka translates to “blessing” in Arabic and one appreciates the good fortune provided by every bite.  What made each delicious bite event better was pairing the lucky cheese with some Withington Malbec from Darling. The plum flavours of the wine were sweetened slightly with the creaminess of the cheese. Absolute heaven! Malbec plantings are limited in South Africa and you won’t find this inky coloured wine on every supermarket’s shelf.  Malbec is one of the six grapes allowed in a Bordeaux blend like the Hermanuspietersfontein Arnoldus which recently won the best red wine at the Winemakers’ Choice Awards.

Cheese is milk’s leap towards immortality and I shall savour the combined tastes of Baraka and Malbec forever.

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