Set sail for India with Nespresso

Nespresso has changed the way I enjoy my coffee – for the better and forever!  With the nifty little coffee genie in my house I just need the required coffee pods. With a variety that covers the colour spectrum the original capsules are still the best. Stocking up on java at the Nespresso shop in the V&A Waterfront remains a small pleasure that is revived every time I switch on my treasured coffee machine at home.

Nespresso's latest flavour - Monsoon Malabar
Nespresso’s latest flavour – Monsoon Malabar

After an overdose of the Fortissio and Arpeggio flavours I was ready for a new taste and was in luck to hear, see and taste the new Monsoon Malabar limited edition. Monsooned Malabar is a Geographical Indication specific to the southwest shoreline of India – the Malabar Coast – where coffee beans are exposed to the Monsoon winds and rains causing a change in character and size of the beans. The Monsoon Malabar flavour is characterised by smoothness probably due to the process making the coffee acid neutral. Spicy aromas and salty notes inspire a dramatic voyage that starts with the first sip of Monsoon Malabar. Off I go to India!