Five Hermanus FynArts things to do

The fourth Hermanus FynArts festival will start this week and run from 10 till 19 June. It’s chilly and the nights are long. All the more reason for adding a bit of art, culture, wine and food to lift the spirits.

  1. Top of the list has to be the Wine Plus series curated by art and wine writer Melvyn Minnaar. Hannes Storm, Pieter “Bubbles” Ferreira and Cathy van Zyl will be amongst those sharing their wine knowledge at The Marine Hotel. But there is more. Anthony Hamilton Russell will talk about the French influence on wine making in South Africa and Carolyn Martin will uncover the secret flavours and textures of Creation’s famous food and wine pairings.
  2. Michelin star chef Thierry Finet and Hardy Olivier will be offering a French feast at Bengeula Cove Manor House for the Gala Dinner on Monday 13 June. I can’t wait to experience this gourmet event that will be coordinated by local chef Garth Stroebel. Many local wines will be served at this dinner.
  3. David Kramer has taught me so much of this country’s history through his songs and musicals that I would never miss an opportunity to get up close and personal. Christopher Hope will lead the interview with this legendary South African entertainer.
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words and Hermanus FynArts over delivers on visual stimulus. Local photographer Leanne Dryburgh land Johannesburg based Peter Hassal lead photography workshops. There is the first Sumaridge Estate’s Violet Bellingham Children’s Art Trophy, Terry Kobus displays “Crossings” at Originals and Rossouw Modern has Zapiro illustrating that the pen is not just mightier but also funnier than the sword. Have to mention the Tollman Bouchard Finlayson Art Award for the tondi exhibited on wine barrel tops. There’s also my favourite Sculptures on the Cliff Path!
  5. Able to select the perfect bottle of wine yet incapable of producing the food to match the drinks I am looking forward to learning from the food demonstrations held at the Whale Coast Hotel. Olive Hamilton Russell, Bertus Basson and Garth Stroebel will be with those sharing their expertise.

These are just some of the highlights available from a rich and diverse art programme that should not be missed. I have my tickets booked and hope to see many friends at these fine events.