Five Tips for a Better Wine Festival Experience


Everyone loves a wine festival.  It is a great opportunity to try new vintages and meet the producers.  Here are a few tips for a better experience…

  1. Book a ride.  Be responsible.  Don’t drink and drive. Book early!
  2. Stemware matters. Good glassware is essential in order to enjoy the full aroma of the wine and to develop the taste.
  3. Hydrate.  Make sure you have water at hand and take frequent sips between the much preferred wine sips. 5 wine tastings = 1 glass of wine.
  4. Make sure to eat 1 – 2 hours before the tasting.  Your palate needs to be sharp and you shouldn’t spoil the experience with lingering aftertastes of spicy or strong foods.  There are always food stalls at wine events. Experiment with pairings when you feel the hunger pangs coming on.
  5. Seek out unusual wines that are not readily available or wines which you don’t get to taste often. New vintage releases adds to the fun.