Five great things to do at Creation #hemelenaarde

Creation used to be a sheep farm in Hemel-en-Aarde. But this was back in 2002. Today it is a well-established wine farm and familiar brand. At this winery, not too far from the world’s whale capital, Hermanus, visitors can immerse themselves in a variety of activities.  Activities that have earned Creation many awards acknowledging this as a top wine tourism destination.  Not all these activities are wine related.

  1. IMG_5042 (2)A glass is not just a glass at Creation. Wine tasting is done from Riedel specific stemware designed to enhance the taste of each of the wines presented. There is an exclusive glass for each varietal, designed to bring out the best in every wine.  There is also the old faithful water-glass that is constantly filled without you knowing it.IMG_2481
  2. The popularity of tapas is not slowing down and Creation created the perfect tapas combinations to match eight of their wines perfectly. Combinations consider the weight, texture and saltines of the food before pairing it with a wine suitor. It is an illustration of “cause and effect”. Taste a bit of wine; take a bite of tapas; taste again.  Experience the changing flavours of each sip and bite.
  3. Although Creation is a wine tourism destination not all have to opt for the wine tasting. The art of unlocking food flavours by pairing it to the right teas has been mastered by the chefs and sommeliers. Not just any tea.  Creation uses the luxury TWG tea for pairings presented with the same ceremony afforded to wine pairings.
  4. Something for the young ones. No one is excluded at Creation.  Special care is taken to present a colourful pairing for the kids visiting with mom and dad.  This non-alcoholic pairing looks so good it might even be a temptation for the adults.IMG_5013 (2)
  5. Setting the scene with art and playing with nature.  Creation has been participating in the Hermanus art scene for a number of years.  More recently they have been hosting exhibitions