Kleinmond Pilgrimage

I saved a little today by walking around the Kleinmond neighbourhood and looking at the livelihoods of others.  Appreciating the normal.  Not much budget needed to do this? My ultimate goal was to get some great fish & chips for lunch.  I was told about Ocean Fisheries and Take-Aways in 9th Avenue.  A small but well equipped and organised chippy. Waiting for the fresh fish to be prepared I walked around and was invited to have a closer look at a garden that was bursting out of its wire fence. All you could see was green.  So much work and so much passion.  A bit further was a house painted artistically depicting the African Big Five.  A safari setting against the Palmiet Mountain.  A few yards along is another house displaying the creative flair of its owner.  No effort was spared to turn this house into a decorative home.

Sometimes, actually very often, you don’t have to go far to travel. #TourismForAll


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