GaBoLi – For the Love of Chocolate #capewhalecoast

Gaspard Bussot Limited – One & Only!

If you live by the saying “Chocolate makes everything better” Betty’s Bay should be on your ultimate South African chocolate bucket list.  Gaspard Bossut has ensured that Betty’s Bay is known for more than penguins and botanical gardens.  He moved to Betty’s Bay 20 years ago with his wife Violet. Here Gaspard embarked on a new journey as Chef-Patron of the local Whaling Station Restaurant. In the pursuit of the perfect dessert he started experimenting with chocolates.  Step in veteran chocolatier Edward Wohlmuth who visited the restaurant while on a South African holiday. Edward started talking to Gaspard, took one bite of the chocolate and proceeded to teach Gaspard more about chocolate than any Google research could.  Edward saw the potential of the initial experiments and has been back for 19 more visits and teachings.  He became mentor and friend.

Move on fifteen years and Gaspard has established the chocolate brand – GaBoLi’s Chocolate firmly. Qualified as a Master Chocolatier he produces a range of premium chocolate products with different flavours and chocolate purity. His passion for chocolate is shared in 1 on 1 chocolate making workshops over 2 days at his home in Delport Road, Betty’s Bay. This address serves as production facility, tasting room and sales and distribution unit. Watch out for the Belgium flag and if there is a cat, dog or even a chicken ambling about you know you have found Betty’s Bay’s chocolate haven.  You could also stock up at The Wine Village in Hermanus.

Gaspard chocolate tasting reflects a wine tasting experience.  First you listen.  When you break off a bit of chocolate attend to the chocolate snap.  The sharper the snap the better the quality.  Next is to feel the smoothness, smell the aromas and take a bite.  Give it time on the tongue and enjoy the velvety texture melt in your mouth.

Thanks to Gaspard I now know more about good chocolate and will be stopping in Betty’s Bay more frequently. For chocolate.