48 hours in Gansbaai #TourismForAll

Gansbaai hosted a hospitality industry dignitary last week.  Here is what he did in 48 hours in Gansbaai.

  1. Drank Black Oyster Catcher Sauvignon Blanc.  Did you know that Elim is South Africa’s southern-most wine ward?  More Elim wines include Strandveld, De Werf, Lomond, Giant Periwinkle and Ghost Corner.
  2. Dinner at the Blue Goose seafood restaurant.  Owner Riaan was there to add a personal touch.
  3. Stayed over at the Saxon Lodge. Overlooking the Gansbaai Harbour and within walking distance of the restaurants and shops. Had the customary drink at The Saxon Arm – the well stocked onsite bar where local wines and craft beers are on offer to guests.
  4. Spent 45 minutes with Anton Goosen who is now a Gansbaai resident. You too should strike up a conversation with a Gansbaai local.  It is bound to be entertaining.
  5. Appreciated a Gansbaai sunset from the Birkenhead Boat Club situated in Gansbaai Harbour.
  6. Made a last stop at Grootbos for dinner and a five star sleepover. Book a lunch or dinner to visit Grootbos.  Totally worth the drive.

It is not difficult to spend time in Gansbaai.  My personal Gansbaai favourites include a visit to the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary as well as a walk through Masakhane with tour guide Ally Msweli.  Coffee in Thyme at Rosemary’s garden is another must do.  Gansbaai is also known as the Great White Capital and not for nothing.  If you have time go down to Kleinbaai and take a (caged) dive to see the great white sharks up close.

Gansbaai has been voted as the Most Responsible Tourism Destination in the World.  Not an easy achievement but one which has been supported by the efforts of eco-focused businesses such as Marine Dynamics and Grootbos. #roadtrip

Elim Wines – Southern Most African vineyards