Conservation Photos – Worth more than a thousand words

During Tourism Month we have many meetings taking place on the Cape Whale Coast.  A great place to hear about what is happening in the area.  Sometimes very tourism focussed – like the Whale Coast Conservation Annual General Meeting.  Acclaimed marine photographer, Jean Tresfon, addressed attendees and made sure that his amazing photographs took centre stage.  Here is what he had to say about conservation photography.

  • Take pictures that tell a story.  Find the story in every image that you want to capture and make sure it will speak to your audience.
  • Be careful not to dwell on the negative.  An overload of negative can lead to apathy.
  • Have a dual strategy – show what is worthy of protection and also show reality
  • Use your photos for conservation, even if you are an amateur.
  • Ethics are important.  When taking pictures of animals great care should be taken not to compromise the well-being of the animal.

A picture has a much higher worth than a thousand words.  It just depends how the photo is taken. Get lost in all the many travel and conservation photos this month and explore.  #TourismForAll