Heritage Day in Zwelihle Hermanus #TourismForAll

On 24 September South Africa celebrates its heritage.  Its a day to embrace our South African diversity and the many unique cultures.  Many planned an afternoon braai with no further thought to heritage.  Fortunately Heritage Day coincides with Pay Day which ensures that all could afford a celebratory chop and a dop.

I ventured to Zwelihle at the entrace to Hermanus where the vibe was going at Fiki and William’s Youth Cafe behind Qhayiya Secondary School.  And vibe there was.  Young and old dressed in traditional clothes and danced while the music was pumping and the smileys were plated. Some African beer was doing the rounds and a young girl explained that the alcohol level is much lower than normal beer.  A general observation was that although we like to sport brand names and show off designer wear we need to get in touch with our roots now and again.  It’s like going home for a day. Comfortable for a day.  Just like Heritage Day.