Forever Friends through Travel

Sometimes we travel – to discover new places but also to meet others.  Other travelers become friends and part of our lives, part of our being because of the extra special experiences shared.

A trip to Burgundy resulted in a better understanding of Pinot Noir but more importantly, acquaintances became friends.  Not the speed dial type of friends. Meeting up occasionally and sharing a glass of bubbly while reminiscing about the good times had and the new travels planned.  In Dijon we analysed Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, rose early to get the freshest croissants and shopped till we exceeded any reasonable airline baggage allowance.  We ate too much rich food, jointly rubbed the lucky golden owl on a building in Dijon and negotiated traffic on the “wrong” side of the road.  We shared wine stories, laughed often and did French impersonations in ancient cellars while uncorking bottles older than any of us. It was a time of good food, great wine and vibrant friendship.

And then she’s gone.  Before I could pop another cork and toast the success of her last event, before we could laugh again about our attempts to order in French and cry about the great Pinots we will never drink again she was no longer there.