A Day at the Two Oceans Aquarium #marineweek

We all need a fantasy escape from time to time.  I found my fantasy and my escape at the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town.  This V&A Waterfront treasure turns 21 this year and is receiving a facelift as a coming of age present. It is also appropriate to put in a special word for one of my favourite spaces during National Marine Week that runs from 10 till 14 October.

The aquarium is open from 9:30 till 18:00 365 days per year with longer hours over the peak season starting 16 December.  With 200 staff, fish, penguins, and other marine life this place never sleeps.  Members have the privilege of sleeping over to view the magical underwater world at night.  Membership and daily tickets can conveniently be bought online with a bonus 10% saving and children under 4 have free entrance. If you are keen on frequent visits to the aquarium you can become a volunteer and help with the many daily tasks of keeping the popular tourist attraction spic n span. I&J provides the fresh seafood which all the aquarium residents are so fond of. There are a variety of encounters on offer and always something new to experience.  Innovation makes membership an absolute must for those living in the vicinity. Diving lessons with dive master Ian, a penguin encounter, diving in a tank or watching life swim by at the I&J Ocean Exhibit.  A corporate reception area, Tranquility Room, allows for business to be mixed with pleasure. Up to twenty attendees can glimpse at the fish swimming hence and forth while a meeting or presentation goes down.  Want to go bigger?  There is also an auditorium that seats 180 people.

On exiting the aquarium it felt a bit like waking up from a good dream. Unfortunately my mermaid time was up.  Till next time Two Oceans Aquarium.

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