Winning Ways with Winery Websites

Websites are the head quarters of the sales team.  It is here where everything comes together. Some site have things coming together better than others. Here are some tips for winery websites:

  • Make it easy to navigate.  Uncluttered, fresh and easy to read fonts.  Basic stuff.  Be careful of fancy italics.
  • Please don’t bombard me with subscriptions as I search for information on your website.  A pulsating block asking for my email is not what I am looking for.
  • What I am most probably looking for is your telephone number, opening hours and exact location.
  • No harm in repeating your contact details on each page.
  • Don’t be smart. Be human.  Tell the winery story – give info about the family, winemaker, farm and workers.  Put faces to the story.
  • Make sure your current vintage details are available.  Wanting to buy your wines I would like information about the grapes, winemaker, methods used… Knowing more about the wines and property engage me with your brand.
  • First tell me WHERE you winery is and then about the beautiful views.
  • Old enough to use a computer, translates to old enough to cover the 18-year-old drinking limit required. Annoying to pick a year, month and day on entering a website.
  • Nothing wrong with keeping things simple. The simpler, the better actually. Flying images are not IT. Information and good quality images covers the IT.
  • Show links to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  These are important elements of your marketing strategy. Wine is as much about the visual as the taste.
  • Show don’t tell.  Careful with the descriptive adjectives. Unlock the reasons why your winery is special. Illustrate the magnificence rather than using words.
  • My favourite wine websites include the following:

It is vital to have a website.  Why not ace it and make it the best website out?