Great White Shark Adventure

On the first Friday of December I set off to Gansbaai for a very important early morning meeting. The great white sharks were waiting and I was anxious to redeem myself from our first embarrassing encounter. A few years ago I did a shark cage dive and flapped around so much in the cage that I scared the sharks more than they scared any of the divers.

A sunny day and relatively calm sea was the perfect backdrop for mission Great White. The adventure got going with a breakfast buffet and briefing at the Great White Shark House in Kleinbaai. We were helped with lifejackets and issued an oilskin to keep dry. With much excitement we boarded Blue Flag certified Slashfin and waited for the skipper to take us to where our hosts were waiting.

We hardly anchored when the first great white shark came to investigate. Wasting no time to get closer, I squeezed into a wetsuit, snapped on diving goggles and entered the cage with 7 other marine adventurers. This time I kept my arms and legs in the cage, inhaled and went down when I saw movement in the water – no panicking. The water at Joubertsdam where we anchored offshore from Pearly Beach was a pleasant 17°C and visibility was a fair 1,5m. The best was the shark sightings. We saw 7 different sharks ranging in size up to 3,5m, stingrays and a small school of dolphins. We were given more than enough time in the cage to indulge our adrenaline levels and compensated with a warm mug of hot chocolate and a dry towel when the dive was done. Five star service for a five star adventure experience.  Till next time my great new besties!

Special and big thanks to fair trade certified and African Responsible Tourism Award winner Marine Dynamics and Brenda du Toit for arranging this trip for the Cape Whale Coast Tourism team.