Along came a cider

The Cape Whale Coast is well known for its quality wines and the odd craft beer brewed locally.  Along came Walker Bay Estate winemaker Reinhard Odendaal with the mission to produce an apple cider in Stanford and Birkenhead Cider is born.

No longer only focused on grapes Reinhard bought apples from Bot River and blended Royal Gala with Granny Smith apples to make a dry cider based on the authentic Magners Irish Cider.   Sweet Royal Galas are mixed with sour Granny Smiths in a 40/60 ratio, crushed, pressed and fermented in a similar way to wine.  The cider is then kept for one year in a stainless steel tank.  A refreshing choice for the warm summer days ahead.

Birkenhead Brewery is located on the R326, Stanford. Tel 028 3410013.  A 500ml bottle of Birdenhead Cider is sold for R32 at the Stanford brewery.