The Magic of Sisterhood #family

2016 gave me a lot to think about and provided plenty of memories.  Many of these I am pleased to leave behind. In a last effort to make the year count I took a road trip with my sister and was left with the same satisfaction after drinking a glass of good Chardonnay at the perfect temperature of 10°C – extremely happy!

Sisters have a special way of sharing life.  We take the bad and turn it on its side by making silly impersonations and laughing a lot.  Crazy, back slapping, throwing heads back laughing.  I don’t tire of my sisters’ company and there is no need for continuous conversation.  Enough with “Ehm” or “ahh” and a glance here and there.  Having traveled internationally with my sisters I know that sisters just wanna have fun.  On planes, trains, automobiles, hovercraft and ferries we’ve shared many jokes and paninis, making a group effort of clearing customs and carrying of luggage.  We’ve ridiculed ourselves for our own amusement. We always make the most of our time out together.  My recent two-day road trip with my sister took us to the following great places:

We drove to Hermanus with a Volkswagen Polo and came back with a Toyota Rav.  All symbolic of how much life can change spending a day with your sister!



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