Hermanus Wine Route Changes

And that is how things change.  One gesture, one person, one moment at a time.  The same with Hermanus Wine Route.  Developments depend on the vision of those involved and there is no shortage of vision in Hemel-en-Aarde. The following changes were noted on one of my frequent visits to Pinot Noir country.

  • Happy children make for happy parents.  A child friendly wine tasting facility is a three way win – for parents, children and the winery.  Sumaridge smartened up to this reality and now has an enclosed jungle gym to keep the little ones busy while the parents taste wine.  The rules of the game are that someone needs to supervise (the playing not the wine tasting). A small price to pay for sipping Epitome.
  • Newton Johnson has a new parking area to accommodate the growing numbers of wine enthusiasts visiting the winery for a taste of five star wines.  No wasting time to find a good spot to park.  The extended parking facility leaves quality time for the important stuff – tasting wine.
  • Ataraxia’s entrance was moved when the upgrades to the Hemel-en-Aarde road were done.  The new gateway was given a makeover with an impressive wall that can’t be missed.  A sense of anticipation follows visitors to the Wine Lounge where the latest releases can be tasted in a relaxed environment adorned with a permanent Tay Dall art exhibition.
  • Local steak master Bruce has taken over the restaurant at La Vierge and fans are queuing to try the well-known B’s cuisine.  I succumbed to a substantial cheese platter with Stanford’s Stone House produce and loved every bite.  No regrets.
  • There is always something new at Creation.  This holiday was celebrated with the release of the new Creation Méthode Cap Classique called Elation. Another elevation in Creation’s innovative wine tourism business and a very welcome one.  Elation expands on the range of Hemel-en-Aarde bubblies and offers added variety to clink to those special moments.

Although the wines are still the excellent quality that we have come to expect, Hermanus Wine Route wineries always surprise with something new.  The perfect excuse to return.