Riel dancers of the West Coast #weskus

In the remote Cedarberg Mountains of South Africa’s West Coast executive chef Floris Smith put his love for music and dancing to good use. He trained a group of local youths to perform their traditional riel in such a choreographed way that it started a new interest in this ceremonial dance performed by the Khoi and the San people that dates back many years.  An almost forgotten dance was revived and a new dance troupe fascinated the world. Die group Die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers put on their red leather Wupperthal shoes and danced up a dust storm to win a few of the categories at the 2015 World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. This has inspired many to get moving and today there are a few groups who entertain themselves and those keen to see this lively dance of the West Coast people. On a wine tasting trip to Teubes Wines just outside Vredendal I was fortunate enough to watch kids jiving to the music riel style. I am hoping to get a few lessons and start kicking up dust myself!


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