My Camino #10daystogo

Camino – path or journey.  My journey is a windy and interesting one that goes uphill and then …its a cruise.  So when a friend suggested that we walk the Spanish Camino it felt like something I SHOULD do.  This pilgrimage was for me.  After all I’ve made the emotional journey many times.

As a warm-up I hiked the annual Lighthouse2Lighthouse charity walk that stretches over 100 kilometers from the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse to the Dangerpoint Lighthouse in the Overberg.  Four days of putting one foot infront of the other and just walking.

In ten days I leave for the real thing.  Ticket’s booked.  Passport is waiting for a Schengen visa to be issued by the Portuguese Consulate in Cape Town.  I am leaving on a jet plane pilotted by TAAG Angola Airlines.  My bags are not yet packed but I am so ready to go. Granted, I am doing the short version of the Camino but I am looking at this as a prelude to a new journey, a fresh start.  My number one objective is to shed some weight and travel lightly.  A figure of speach that I want to apply.  Let’s see if I can do it.

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