My Camino #9daystogo

bnr-fatima-2017.jpgAttending a Camino Workshop provided valuable information as to what to pack and how to prepare but as it gets closer to the date of departure the panic is staring to set in.  Lisbon feels far from Cape Town and the reality of travelling light has its challenges.  Also, what can be booked and paid in South Africa must be done and therefore our ride from Lisbon to Fatima was secured at €11,40 per person nine days before the journey is due to start.

Fatima is not far from Lisbon – only 128km – and chosen as our first night’s stay for special reason.  On 13 May 2017 it will be a 100 years since a woman in a white robe appeared in a bright light to the shephard Lucia and her two cousins as they were passing Fatima.  The Holy Lady appeard on three occasions to the children and spoke with them each time giving special instructions.  Today Fatima is a tourist hotspot because of this.

Although our visit to Fatima will be one week short of this anniversary it promises to be something to behold.  I view my stopover in Fatima as symbolic for taking guidance from my immediate surroundings on my new journey and filtering the signs and messages that bombards me to embrace only those of value.