My Camino My Journey #letsgo

Today is THE day.  It’s time to go on this holiday that I so need.  All is packed and what is not packed will just have to be done without.  I am putting some expectations of this trip on the following text I read in the Camino guide-book.  “Accept the truth and let it go before you, lighting up the path.  Walk safely now, yet carefully because this path is new to you.  You know not where you go.  But one who knows goes with you.  Pause and reflect.”.  Words of hope to take with me on the Camino and on my new journey.

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  1. You’ve landed in Portugal. The count down has been counted down and you have arrived safely with all your luggage. You are presently in Fátima (home to the Sanctuary of Fátima, A Catholic pilgrimage site. Its economy relies on religious tourism. You will commence hiking tomorrow. Best wishes for the journey ahead.

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