Observations of an incidental tourist

Tourism is a curious business.  A business of many questions.  Where, when, how, who…  Tourists want to be comforted that their new environment is not all foreign.  A map is just the best tool to navigate and orientate.  Add to that some facts and figures and visitors become comfortable.    On a recent trip to Germany I welcomed the many information centres.  In the station buildings, on street corners… Always an institution ready to help.  Always someone ready to answer your questions.  Interesting to note how human interaction is just so much more reliable than an electronic response.  Downloading an application is completely unneccessary when you can ask the guy standing next to you.  Not that “the guy” will always know but hey, at least you met a local or another tourists. Here are more of my casual observations:

  • Stop and look back to get a different perspective of the area, building, mountain…
  • When in doubt – ask.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask.
  • People are friendlier than we think.
  • Holidays aren’t about hiding in your room. Take your laptop to the garden/downstairs/kitchen.
  • Try various public transport systems. Again my point about a different perspective.
  • Walk the pavements and take a shot left.  You’d be surprised at what or who you will discover.
  • Eat the local food, drink the local drinks, listen to local music, go where the locals go.
  • Always have some cash ready.
  • Keep your passport and credit card in a safe place.  These are your two most important travel possessions.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for the unforeseen extra mile when directions are muddled.
  • Take pictures.  Often. Very often.  These help when you are not traveling.

My dream is to travel often and forever have another trip in mind.  #passportinhand