Whale Watching Season

The whales have made their annual journey to Walker Bay and people are flocking to see them.  Nothing quite like this.  Seeing the whales at play is a privilege and my amazement at their awesomeness have not waned.  Not even after seeing them yearly for 12 consecutive years while living on the Cape Whale Coast.

Visitors can do land based whale watching, going out on a boat from Hermanus or Gansbaai harbours or taking a flight for an aerial view of the gentle marine giants.  There are 3 companies in Hermanus New Harbour offering daily trips and this morning I saw all three boats leaving the harbour.  Southern Right Charters had a sun rise trip out to sea and this left at 6:30.  The early birds did see whales.  Hermanus Whale Watchers and Hermanus Whale Cruises started a little later but all were fortunate enough to show their passengers many whales.  Ivanhoe operates from Gansbaai Harbour and provides a different view on the whales of the Cape Whale Coast.

Below are some of this morning’s photos at Hermanus New Harbour. #WeDoTourism