We Braai, Others Barbecue

Braai is to South Africans what pasta is to Italians. It is engrained in our culture and I cold turkey if I can’t get a braai fix once a week. The first step is to build a killer fire that will last long enough to get the food cooked. Dry wood is stacked hashtag style.  Step two is to have meat, Joey’s sausage and a fresh braai broodjie.  Some potato salad, a good bottle of red and you’re in business.  A go-to marinade and renowned seasoning also helps to seal the deal.  IF you want to impress big time then comedian Barry Hilton has the range of braai paraphenalia to earn you points.  His range of products branded “Nou Gaan Ons Braai” is tongue in cheek yet totally appropriate to the requirements of open fire cooking.

I recently discovered that if I have to, I CAN BRAAI!  There is one other essential ingredient to a successful braai and that’s to have a few friends over to enjoy the triumph of digging in to the flame grilled feast.