Friday the 13th

It all started at Hermanus Wine Village with a taste of Roger Jorgensen’s absinthe called Field of Dreams.  Yes, it was a daring start to the day.  Risking hallucinations I was ready to take more chances on drinks.  Next up was the Six Dogs Blue stocked by the Wine Village and doing well with its pretty packaging.  No hallucination when the gin changes colour from blue to light pink when mixed with tonic.  Only botanical alchemy.

At Bouchard Finlayson, Cellar Master Peter Finlayson was waiting with wines ready for a tasting.  Besides my favourite Galpin Peak Pinot I fell in love with a tondo art work by Stella Geel which is now hanging on my wall.  The tondo was part of an exhibition during the Hermanus FynArts Festival which has been supported by the Tollman Family and Bouchard Finlayson.

Where to next?  Either a lunch at Newton Johnson or Creation for a food and wine pairing that rocks.  Life is short but Hermanus is definitely the place to live a good one!

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