Culture Cooking Bo-Kaap Style

I learnt how to fold a samoosa, make a mean Cape Malay curry and prepare a party plate of Daltjies or Chilli Bites.  All thanks to Zainie Misbach of Bo-Kaap Cooking Tours.

Feeling like a savoury triangle?  Proceed to fold samoosa dough into a pocket, then fill with a ground beef mixture.  Use your three middel fingers and thumbs to fold the triangle over and over again and make sure every corner is closed.  Seal the parcel with a mixture of flour and water.  Dip into boiling oil and voilà… fresh samoosa ready to eat.  A real treat which I will leave to the experts to make.  I maintain life’s too short to fold a samoosa. Still, it feels great to say I made them.

We cooked a chicken curry from scratched and this flavourful recipe is a keeper which I will be trying again shortly. The chicken curry made with Father-in-Law masala, roti and daltjies or chilli bites were easy and fun to produce and had our group of German, US and South African aspirational cooks working together.

Zainie is a real story teller and she knows all the Bo-Kaap stories to tell.  She involves her family in the business and shares her cultural heritage mildly with her clients.  The Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour is a fun way to spend a Cape Town morning with friends and learn about South Africa’s history.  An emmersive experience which left me feeling enriched.