West Coast Wonders #weskus

The West Coast of South Africa is dry and barren.  Yet, it’s rich in culture and has some unexpected surprises.  One is Club Mykonos just outside Langebaan.  Club Mykonos is a replica of its Greek namesake. It offers a weekend escape for those unable to make it to the real thing.  Orange sunrises are followed by blue skies and blue lagoon scenes only to end the day with more orange when the sun sets. Here are some photos of my recent visit where I spent my time mostly walking on the beach or sitting on the veranda staring at the sea.

When visiting the West Coast I always try to take a photo of the Black Oystercatchers and this time I managed to do exactly this.  These near endemic birds seemed to think that being caught on camera is the only thing that could possibly capture them.  No bother with my approach and they continued to enjoy the rocky Weskus habitat.

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