The Price of Pinot

Sipping on The Drift’s There Are Still Mysteries Pinot Noir 2015 the question arose “why Pinot Noir is so pricey”.  With a price tag on the other side of R500 this wine might be great but it ain’t cheap.  Walk the aisles of any wine shop and the price lifts when you approach the Pinot shelf.  Why?

The reason this wine varietal is called the heart-break grape has nothing to do with the wine enthusiast’s wallet.  It’s a reference to what happens in the vineyard and the cellar.  A reference rather to the viticulturist and winemaker’s emotions when dealing with Pinot Noir.

Pinot is fickle says those who know.  It is not easy to grow.  It is thin-skinned.  It is sensitive to weather conditions.  Need more reason why we pay more for Pinot?

Once harvested Pinot Noir needs special attention.  If the wine has come as far as the cellar a barrel is precision tailored in Burgundy to complete the fairytale. With the cost of a French oak barrel designed to complement the wine, the fee of transport to South Africa and the price of Pinot starts to rise.  Not slowly.

Cork, label and telling the story at marketing events… You bet you are going to pay more for Pinot pleasure. BUT, every sip is worth it!