Stettyn Cellar Wocester

When last have you heard about a South African winery making wine for 8 generations? Stettyn Cellars outside Wocester can add this legacy to their winemaking story.. The Botha family bought the Wocester farm in the 1700s and today some 8th generation siblings have taken over the winemaking process with 4 family farms in close proximity.

On a drive from Worcester to Hermanus I stopped at the cellar. The friendly approach to tastings was welcomed. Personal and authentic interaction with clients seem to be the Stettyn approach. Next time perhaps a cheese and charcuterie platter will be ordered to complement their exceptional Chenin Blanc and make more memories.

2 thoughts on “Stettyn Cellar Wocester

    1. Stettyn also supplies Newton Johnson with grapes for their Felicité range. Stettyn is also a shareholder in the export brand First Cape. The will rebranding soon and will have Stettyn prominently on their bottles. Currently the brand is not that easy to recognise on the shelf as they have The Griffon on the label.


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