Dream Wheels. My New Car.

Happiest when the wheels are turning I am facing a mayor predicament with the selection of my next vehicle.  My Mini Cooper Johnny Cooper Works is due for replacement and much as I love the Mini brand it is just too beyond my current budget.  With no service plan to back up unforeseen maintenance I can simply not  risk the chance of something going wrong.  I am keeping fingers crossed that I will be driving a Mini Cooper someday soon but for now I need a more economical mini.  Narrowed down the choice is between the following models in alphabetical order:

  1. Ford Fiesta EcoBoost
  2. Hyundai i20
  3. Kia Rio
  4. Volkswagen Polo

One thing I have learnt is that it is difficult to get reliable comparisons between vehicles from the internet and that not all information is correct. I set out to do my own differentiation and drew up a list of my personal requirements.  These are:

  1. Small size for zippy performance and easy parking
  2. Sporty look
  3. Fuel efficiency – I LOVE to visit new (and old) places and put on mileage like few people I know
  4. Blue Tooth connectivity to make in-car calls legitimate
  5. Good service plan to cover the long distances that I do
  6. Four doors to allow for easy access of passengers
  7. Automatic for an easy drive – even in traffic
  8. Service to be done in my home town of Hermanus

After a test drive of all my shortlisted super minis I narrowed it down to the Kia Rio and the Ford Fiesta.  The VW Polo was a serious contender – especially because of its fuel efficiency of under 5l/100km.  It fell out because of the price that went beyond R300 000 and the service plan that was limited to 45 000kms.

Next, the Hyundai i20 was dropped because of the limited 4 speed automatic gearbox which is true for the Kia Rio as well but the Rio’s look compensated for the lack in gears.  The i20 strikes a classic pose very similar to the Audi A1 but too serious for me.  The Kia’s unlimited roadside assistance scored high.

The playing field was leveled by the super helpful and responsive staff of all the different dealerships.  Sales persons knew the vehicles and that of their competitors well and I could have easily bought from any single person.

Dealmaker attribute for the Ford Fiesta covered the engine performance – an automatic with a 6 speed gearbox!  Now we’re talking! Engine of the Year for 2 years running.  Nice!  Fuel efficiency below 5l/100km.  You’ve got a deal Ford!

I take delivery of my new Ford Fiesta on Monday and shall write about my adventures with my new wheels.  I look forward to going further with Ford.

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