The Air that I Breathe

REALLY? Could the lyrics “All I need is the air that I breathe” be true?  It seems so but only if it is Hermanus air.

London’s Harley Street doctors knew all about the positive impact of Hermanus on their patients’ health.  Way back in 1896 these doctors were quick to prescribe a visit to the Cape Whale Coast to ensure ailments were healed.

So what is so special about the Hermanus air?  The answer lies in ozone or O3 – a pale blue gas with a distinct smell – that is released when large waves crash against the coast.  The quality of this ozone is improved if the waves crash against substantial cliffs or a rocky shoreline.  Deservedly this air has become known as Champagne Air. Adding sparkle to life.

There you have it.  Diminish the effect of end-of-year-fatigue with a good dose of ozone – freshly produced by the ocean.  Only in Hermanus.


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