A Day in Pringle Bay?

Pringle Bay is a 90 kilometer journey travelling south from Cape Town along the Atlantic Coast.  Situated between the small village of Rooi Els and the sprawling Betty’s Bay.  No high-rise beach villas here.  This is a place to relax and recharge.  Your first priority should be to take off your shoes and go to the beach.  Pringle Bay beach is ideal for swimming or snorkeling.  When you’ve done enough swimming and snorkeling at Pringle, move to Betty’s or Rooi Els beach.  Both beaches are only 5km away from Pringle and offers a stretched out sandy beach.  At Rooi Els a river mouth is perfect for smaller children just wanting to splash around.

Don’t miss Fynbos Enterprises.  Sunra Mostert, the founder, is an experienced beekeeper and has developed a range of liqueurs inspired by the natural surroundings and fresh local ingredients.  All liqueurs are made from raw ingredients without any preservatives or colourants.

There’s a local Pringle Bay market every Saturday from 9:00 till 14:00.  Not only will you be able to source Overberg delicacies you will also be able to meet very interesting people.

One of my MUST DO’s in Pringle is a stop at Lemon & Lime Deli.  This deli has everything including homeware, food, Simply Bee products and local wines.  There’s also a drive to erradicate single use plastic bags and a strong drive to help make Pringle Bay a responsible tourism destination.

Tickle Mouse biscuits is a favourite!  Buy stock straight from the factory and munch at home with a cuppa tea or coffee.  You can beat the taste of these biscuits and you definitely can’t beat the price.

Best of all.  Sit on the veranda and enjoy a long drink while staring over the bay that’s Pringle Bay.

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