Virtual Reality Escapism

As if reality is not exciting enough there is now easy access to another world.  The world of Virtual Reality or VR as it is commonly known.  Armed with a headset and hand controls I only needed a computer with the appropriate software to get me going.  That and a young instructor.  Within minutes  I travelled from Venice to the Grand Canyon and then experienced a computer lab.  It’s all about pressing the right button and with simple instructions I still tested my tutor’s patience.  I can see how VR can work for gaming fans but can’t see myself acquiring a headset yet.

My experiment with VR provided an immersive experience through which I escaped reality for a bit but the tour was a one-dimensional without the sounds and smells of Venice.  Real life with its unique situations and eye contact still interests me more than scenarios created for public consumption.  Having said that, I will be keeping a closer eye on VR developments to make sure I don’t miss a beat. Education and entertainment can take on new dimensions with the assistance of this technology. #friedaexplores18


  • The featured image was copied and cropped from Pinterest.