Overberg Heritage – Stanford

Stanford Hotel is a living piece of history that dates back to when it was built in 1920 in the heart of the village.  It is the oldest existing business in Stanford and in 2 years’ time this gracious old lady will be celebrating her 100th anniversary.  The hotel is a living piece of history and comes alive when it serves its purpose to accommodate, feed and entertain. The hotel has rooms, a restaurant, bar, family suites, cottages and a generous sized lounging area.

The three hidden gems of the Stanford Hotel must be the Maison du Carnivore, the museum and the stoep. These are optimised on Saturdays with the morning market held on the stoep preceeds the evening’s supper serving. The museum is only open between 10:00 and 14:00 on Saturdays. There is no dining at Maison du Carnivore on the other evenings.  The menu is plain and simple – and food is steak. Great steak at 300 or 400gr portions.  Why not visit the Overberg next Saturday for some steak?


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