Drinking Well While Flying High #bonvoyage

Flying high can be a thirsty affair.  Most passengers call for a drink the minute the dong goes to announce smooth flying with no safety belts are required. The airline wine world is serious business and given the following facts it is no surprise that wineries view airline listings as prestigious and valuable complement to their marketing efforts.

Did you know…

  • In 2016 British Airways had 42,1m passengers.  If each passenger only had 500ml of wine that’s 21m liters of wine drunk in one year on one airline.  Good to note that there are about 270 international airlines in the world.
  • Quantas invests $25m per year in purchasing Australian wine.
  • The Emirates wine cellar boasts 3,8m bottles of vintage wines.

*this information was taken from the Decanter website and you can read more on http://www.decanter.com/features/airline-wines-secret-life-372891/

From flying internationally we look to the local wine heroes.  It is with great pride that Hermanus winery Seven Springs heard that their Unoaked Chardonnay 2014 and Syrah 2014 will be served on South African Airways to Business and First Class Passengers.  Vaughan Pearson of Seven Springs mentioned that these wines were tasted at altitude and are now part of a selection of 24 white and 24 red wines of the very best vintages selected from more than 730 South African wine producers.