Robertson Round-Up

Robertson has enough to keep you busy for a while. A day, two or even three.. Have bubbles at Graham Beck, go on a river cruise at Viljoensdrift, have the freshest Sauvignon Blanc in South Africa at Van Loveren and eat at Four Cousins in town. More wine tasting at Bon Courage and Springfield – Life from Stone is a MUST – and you should stay over at Wederom’s Hanepoot cottages just outside town.

PS Hanepoot grape was considered to look like the testicle of a rooster – they say…

3 thoughts on “Robertson Round-Up

  1. Someday, I think, I’m going to take you to some ‘hidden’ wine cellars in Robertson (lived there for 11 yrs). Unfortunately it are always the ‘big known’ ones that are promoted (nothing wrong with that) but there are gems many don’t know about. Did you know that one of the most expensive SA-wines in Europe (only available online or at the cellar) is from a very small cellar in Robertson? ❤

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