My 10 Happiness Rules

Just to be clear, there are no definitive rules for happiness.  My happiness is not your happiness. My happiness is also not the same from day to day but there are a few things that lights my sparkle. Always!

  1. A good morning starts with coffee in a nice cup.
  2. Flowers says it best.
  3. Smell nice.  A little Chanel/Jo Malone/Lolita Lempicka/Dior… has a huge reach.
  4. Good hair replaces therapy on most days.
  5.  An early morning walk adds more than a breath of fresh air.
  6. Turn up the music and shake it.
  7. Smile.  From ear to ear.
  8. Cuddle a cat or dog.  A real both hands quick kielie.
  9. Phone a friend.
  10. If all else fails…pour a glass of good wine.  Cheers!

2 thoughts on “My 10 Happiness Rules

  1. Sounds good Great idea to start with coffee and always end up with wine. Add no 11 :Visit a friend.


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